Tuesday, May 7, 2013

M3 2013 - day 7 + a little more textile stencil fun

Remember that stencil that our plucky heroine was working away on? Well it has been all cut out, and yesterday I used some of the motifs to decorate the neckline of a summertime tee shirt.
This one will be both part of my 2013 SWAP (substituting for the missing brown tee shirt) and the first of the projects for the summertime 6PAC. The fabric is a heather grey jersey, and the design is stenciled in indigo and brown paint. Once it is completed, it will coordinate with much of my current wardrobe, and will also look well, I hope, with the 6PAC pants I will be making later, from a textured weave linen in taupe and indigo. This brings my tee shirt total up to six.

Today's Me-Made-May clothing is this dress, which is one of my TNT "underdresses". These simple dresses are worn for most of the year underneath a pinafore, and take about five or six hours each to sew from cutting out the pieces to ready to go out in public. This particular one is made from some lightweight handwoven Guatemalan cotton ikat; to me the blue and white patterning looks like clouds. And, as often, my blue denim Me-Made hat, with all the hatband decorations...

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