Sunday, May 12, 2013

M3 2013 - day 11 & 12

In which our plucky heroine continues slow progress, and is grateful for a break in the weather...

Friday night I finished the grey pinafore, just under the wire for SWAP 2013, stitchery closed for that at midnight Friday. Technically my pinafores can be worn as sleeveless dresses, but I rarely do.

 There was really no way to get the planned wraparound apron completed in the time available (work life has a way of using up personal sewing time), since it was not only not a TNT pattern, but rather not a pattern at all, but a concept and a picture of a vintage garment from the 20's...

Safer indeed, and still quite useful, to trade a new dark grey pinafore for the "made before SWAP" black one, and trade out the apron as a bridge garment for a "made before SWAP" indigo cardigan sweater. This grey pinafore is made from a large textured cotton curtain from the As-Is bin at Ikea, said curtain a gift from some friends who snagged it knowing that sturdy pinafore fabric is always welcome, if it is in my color palette.

I have a very definite group of chosen colors for clothing; a limited palette makes getting dressed an easy thing, for most all the things in the wardrobe coordinate. Not everyone likes this, but our plucky heroine surely does... I was inspired by a graphic on The Vivienne Files (an extremely useful blog on wardrobe planning, though in a very different style than my own) to make my own personal color-graphic

Saturday, (M3 - Day 11) was yet another unseasonably beastly hot day at almost 90°F, hence a lightweight rayon popover dress, this one in batik indigo nightsky patterning. Spent most of the day hiding inside, sewing like a madwoman; 'tis too hot to run the kiln, that will have to wait till either cooler weather, or the middle of the night. Fortunately there is plenty of sewing that needs done.

Guess that the hens are actually both laying. The smaller brown egg is from the hen that lays most often, the odd long light one is from whichever hen only lays once in a while...


Sunday was forecast to be much cooler, so I started the day in my floral top and black denim overall-pinafore, both part of SWAP 2013. The day ended up a lot warmer, so I switched out to a popover dress instead. Was an excellent productive day, with a lot more sewing, along with good social time with my pal Elfrida. Girl has wanted a sewing pal for a long time, and hopefully we can continue this on an ongoing basis...


  1. I really like your limited palette for your wardrobe. Honestly, your charming handcrafted clothing is just so inspiring!

    I really like it when it is very easy to get dressed, and having everything coordinate is not only easy, it's very restful. I like slightly more sprightly shades (when I'm not wearing black-black-black), but my own wardrobe is starting to fall into the same easy lines.

  2. thanks for your kindly words... I am glad to hear that the _idea_ of a coordinated wardrobe is being useful to you. I'd certainly not expect everyone to like the same colors that please me, and you seem to definitely have your own particular favorites. One of the reasons I chose the colors I wear, is that aside from black, the other colors are all either in my hair or my eyes, so my clothing coordinates with my own natural colors...

  3. Back when I was working in an office, I kept things very simple. Black, black, black. With the occasional white or brown top. It was incredibly easy to get dressed for work, but ultimately borrrrrring. Now that I only have to dress to please myself (and the occasional client meeting), it's been much more fun but also more challenging to put comfortable clothes together in a way that expresses my creativity but retains the simplicity of my former work wardrobe.