Friday, May 31, 2013

an excursion on Tuesday

in which our plucky heroine and her pal Emily take a very short trip...

down by the river, the freeway is really high above you

the underneath of the bridge is easy to see

I am filled with happiness to have another photo pal

Emily and I had decided to go to OMSI,
since the weather was a bit unsettled, and I'd never been...

The pathway curves around outside the buildings

ferns, hanging on...

everywhere there is a place for life to gather, it does

Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

industrious bees on the tilework inside the women's biffy

We only had time to see the Earth Sciences Hall,
and my favorite thing was this...

large glowing sphere, not sure if it was rotating or if the rotation was an artifact of the projected imagery

There were several loop films by NASA,
of the various currents of atmosphere...

and water currents...

very fascinating/disturbing time lapse imagery:
the temperature of the surface ocean currents

Sabertooth Tiger bites the planet

Dire Wolf looks on and laughs

as does Emily...

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