Tuesday, January 8, 2013

tuesday tidbits

in which our plucky heroine is very grateful that all went well with my oncologist appointment today... the quarterly checkups are not my idea of fun, but that I don't need to come back for another three months is a good thing

  • On Wednesday, my mom's sewing machine will arrive, after a gruelling midwinter UPS transcontinental trip - we all have our fingers crossed - it is sooo much more machine than I currently have, and it is going to live here from now on (small dance of gleefulness while singing "bernina-bernina" to the tune of The Mexican Hat Dance )
  • a few weeks ago dear Rois gave me a sweater... it is toasty warm, but the quality of the zipper is not what I prefer for outdoor gear (really Merrel, what were you thinking) The metal zip was hard to connect together, and cranky in use, so replacing it with a proper molded outdoor zip seemed like a good idea, a project currently underway.
    By the time I am done reconfiguring this garment, it will look only a little bit like the original sweater: added triangular gores for more me-like shape, replace zip with more functional less fashionable one, (and yet to be done but on the list) add pockets, and add some decorative patches...

    The removed zip will become raw material for some zip-edged textile jewelry, using applique and needlefelting. I am thinking maybe an Appaloosa, or a Fjord Horse might be fun and funky.
  • Between working on jewelry projects and sewing projects, I managed to sneak in a little time to make up a muslin of one of the intended SWAP patterns, the AthenaTwo blouse. Not happy with it, glad that I tried it out first... I think that making this into something that I will actually wear is not worth the effort of fighting with the pattern. This leaves me needing to come up with a different option for the woven fabrics set aside for this project, and I think that instead, I shall convert my TNT dress pattern into a blouse.
    Spent a bit of time while traveling around on the bus today thinking about what might make that functional... my idea is to raise the neckline an inch or so, add an underarm gusset, and add a front placket to make room for a front opening/buttons/snaps. If I cut the "skirt" panels to end up with a top that is the same length as my other tops, it would work, and fit, without fighting... My thought is that what makes a blouse/shirt useful to me is that it fits nicely under my pinafores, adds variety in color and/or texture, and has a collar that is comfortable to wear. I can surely come up with varied collar patterns suited to the chosen fabric(s).
  • It seems to me to be a bit one use only, but I really want this set of tiny bottle brushes... tool junkie time, but in fact I have two flower vases made from test tubes, that are soooo difficult to clean and that are in everyday use here... would it be frivolous to buy this?
  • This last weekend B/K shared a tidbit of information with me, that Smartwool makes compression socks! I will be looking into getting a pair to try out, as they would be at least partially wool instead of all synthetic, and might be more comfortable in the summer. There is another company as well, Dahlgren, that makes compression socks from a merino/alpaca blend, which sounds delicious.


  1. Those brushes are totally adorable! Not frivolous at all, esp since you actually have a use for them. And when you aren't using them on your bud vases you can plan your future miniature science lab, where tiny brushes will be needed by you and the other scientists!

  2. Sierra trading post often has th Smartwool compression socks, if you want a bargain.