Wednesday, January 2, 2013

the stitchery of 2012

cloud-collar t shirt

bluemoon popover

recombinant cardigan

bluerose pinafore

black t shirt

blue bling t-shirt

wolf applique t shirt

black pinafore

nomadic playclothes

crow t shirt

pom pom cowl

There was a lot of handwork in many of these sewing projects; some of the t-shirts were primarily hand stitched, and the fabric for my nomadic coat was hand stenciled. In addition, I stitched up new curtains for the bedroom here at Acorn Cottage, and did some extensive remodeling of safety and motorcycle gear for various friends of mine, as well as some small stitched toys and footgear for baby Sonam...

I want to add a special thank you to all my readers and online pals, from SG and other blogs and neighborhoods, who have sent me good wishes for 2013, it means more to me than you can imagine


  1. The crow t-shirt is very fab. You have so many great ideas.

  2. Alison, I came to your blog by way of a comment you left on the Alabama Chanin website. I am moved, after looking at your wonderful garments, to leave you a message and tell you that I believe you have found your true sense of style. I don't know you but these garments seem like an extension of YOU, they fit and flatter your figure and are full of artistic style and beauty. Brava!

    1. Thank you so much Julie for your compliments. I have had the intention for years to have my clothing be integral with my life and style, and appreciate the feedback.