Friday, January 4, 2013

the enameling of 2012

...not a lot to show for a twelvemonth, but there are some pieces of work that I am right proud of, and our plucky heroine is grateful that skills did not atrophy during my long convalescence...

This enamel and silver pendant jewel was the last piece I completed in at the beginning of January last year, when life was still looking fairly normal, though the clouds were gathering on the horizon...

Months later, I returned to the studio and was able to create this enameled pomegranate; with some really creative use of sgraffito and Limoges painting enamel techniques

Towards the end of the year, there were a few holiday commissions, and this articulated brooch with miniscule and highly detailed enamels, was a piece of work that I was and am really proud to have completed.

This painted enamel pendant, ordered as a holiday gift for the daughter of friends, was another chance to use the uncommon technique of painted enamel. The fine lines and soft effect really add to the imagery.

This is a classic style of peerage regalia enamel, which is being completed as a collaborative effort, as an honor to be awarded at 12th Night in a few weeks. I look forward to seeing what my friend and colleague C does with the elaborate setting he has planned for it...

More tiny painted enameling. I like doing this, and foresee more charms in my future artisanry

This small corvid cloisonne sat on my workbench for months and months... decided that finishing the brooch setting and clearing the decks, as it were, would make room for future work to happen...


  1. WOW!!! That stuff is beautiful. I love the pomegranate! Given the year that you had, you turned out some real beauties in the enamel, clothes, hats, and reverse appliqué categories!!


  2. Your work is so lovely, Alison! My thing is textiles, so I'm just blown away by what can come out of a hot kiln. I love the crow!

  3. The crow is wonderful, but I keep coming back to the pomegranate. Lovely!