Saturday, January 26, 2013


riding the bus, look up and read a poem, and my eyes fill with tears, for what is forever lost...

"What does it mean, anyway, to know someone?
There's talk and touch, yes;
There's light on the brightness of hair
and a catch of breath close by in the night.
But there's this knowing too: the music of his chosen creek,
the yellow sheen of wood he worked with his hands."

poem by Judith Barrington -
an excerpt from At Soapstone Creek,
Horses and the Human Soul, 2004

photo by our plucky heroine


  1. What a beautiful thought and what a superb photograph. Once again your eye is so clear and your heart is so tender. And you are brave to continue to confront and to feel your sadness. Yesterday we celebrated my brother-in-law's life. I thought I would feel better today but it's worse for all of us. I know from the memory of other losses that this is the next phase. It is the price of opening our hearts and loving others.

  2. Thank you Claire. Sending kindhearted thoughts to you in your loss. You are so right that this is the price for openhearted living and loving...

    The picture is of the bottomland on the way to the banks of the Black River, at Emerald Keep where my former sweetheart G lives; I took it on my second visit, back in 2011. His home and workshop are up on the high ground, with a trail down to the river.