Monday, January 21, 2013

montage Monday - week 3

It was a cold week again, and we got a dusting of snow here in the heart of the city...
snow-brick snow-dust-moss-bark
on the bricks and on the trees

This bus ran from north to south of Portland, but with these colors I thought it should go to Ikea instead!

There are food carts near many of the places where you wait for transit, this one has fire inside a converted gas station, and carts around the edges...

On the way home, the grimy grit of Alberta Street is hidden in the color and light of sunset glow...

A pretty hat, an empty head... actually I rather like these glass heads that my pal V has on her windowsill, with or without hats

Saturday was my hysterversary; a year ago I was in hospital, in surgery, and came home to go through a year the likes of which I hope to never repeat. But rather than stay home and dwell on that, our plucky heroine went to a party, along with her dear friends Ulfred and Elfrida, out at the delightful country home of her pal Vandy. The theme was crafternoon-into-evening, and there was much hanging around and working on projects... Meris is particularly good at the knitting whilst hanging around part!

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  1. I miss the artistry that are pockets of home. I'm[ sure it exists here, but it's not so obvious, and not apparent in the circles I find myself in now.

    I have no regrets, I love the mind set of those that survive tornadoes and drought and freezing fog and ice and thundersnow. There's a harvest of a landscape that fills our tables with wonder, there's a work ethic you don't see in many places.

    Yet, still, I see your pictures and I miss home.
    Bless you.