Tuesday, January 1, 2013


looking backward...
2012 was the year that the world ended. For me, it ended twice. Once in the hospital, and once again on a walk along the bluff. Once with the doctor's words, and once with the words of my then-sweetheart. 2012 was a year of huge peaks and valleys, probably the most uneven and definitely in the top five of most challenging years I have lived through.

But along with cancer and heartbreak, there was so much love, caring, and adventure in the last year. Friends and family were wonderful in their active support through my diagnosis, surgery and recovery, I'd not have made it through this year without them. Before the breakup, G and I took a lovely vacation together, (my first vacation in years) up the peninsula and back down Hood Canal. Over the course of the year, I gradually began to find my way back to creative pursuits, first with simple knitting and then sewing, and finally back in to my workroom of metal and enamel jewelry. Photography became a kind of meditative process, invaluable for healing not my body, but my heart and spirit...

(I think I shall do separate posts looking back at what I did accomplish in handicraft and artisanry in 2012)

looking forward...
If my luck holds, I will remain cancer-free and live long years to get old and die of something completely different, while continuing to learn and play and work and love... My intention is to continue to find the everyday joys in life, having walked through fire to continue here. I intend to do more each week and month to make artisanry a priority, to actively plan time to spend with friends and family on a more regular basis, and to continue moving forward with my sewing and homemaking projects.


  1. I enjoy reading your thoughtful reflections and wishing you the best in the new year.

  2. Happy 2013! You're an inspiration!

    All the best Alison!!!

  3. hugs and best wishes for a happier healthier new year!

  4. Alison, I admire you perseverence and creativity. I too have been through medical hell and awful times in recent years and found that out of the darkness comes light from the friendship, love and caring from the good people, and the light we make for ourselves. Suffering makes us strong(er) and wiser - you find out who the real people and real friends are. I'm glad you have those around you. The rest I have no use for.

    I wish you a wonderful, creative and especially healthy new year!

  5. Just discovered you blog, and look forward to following along with you during 2013. Lets all leave 2012 in the past...

  6. Allison,
    I wish you blessed steps as you journey forth in the New Year.

  7. Your enameling and sewing is beautiful -- you have some of the most elegant clothing!

    My mother had cancer surgery similar to yours and lived another 50 years. I had a different kind of cancer and have lived another 18 years and counting. I hope your experience is just as good, or better.