Wednesday, January 9, 2013

a new girl in town

I waited 'til almost dinnertime before the UPS truck arrived, with a really big heavy box...

oh look! Look Sally look! See all the funny foam!

inside the box is another box, and inside that is something all wrapped up in bubble wrap...

its big, its heavy, but it isn't log...

Safely here after days in transit... it is my new sewing machine!
I look forward to learning all the nifty things she can do... the very best kind of presents for our plucky heroine (aka Tool Girl) are things that can make other things, and tools that are an improvement on current tools are the most awesome of gifts... My parents love me!


  1. yay!!!! Thrilled for you! what a wodnerful gift! and how nicely packed!

  2. I think your level of awesome-ness is about to go higher.

    What's that sound? Vroom vroom.A plane? A car? No! it's Tool Girl and her trusty machine!

  3. Felicidades!!! She looks fabulous!

  4. Congrats Alison! How excited you must be and I can't wait to see what you create with her!

  5. OMG OMG OMG OH MY F@#)$%$G GOD!!!!!!!!!!

    i do apologize for my terrible potty mouth, but - oh, oh , my - !!! okay, i managed to stifle that one ;)

    seriously, Alison, this is the best news i've heard about in weeks! I cannot wait to find out about the even more awesome deeds you'll accomplish with your fancy new race car machine! enjoy! steph

    1. Steph - you really gave me an actual LOL moment this morning... I intend to enjoy finding out what "Lil Nina" can do!

      My everyday sewing machine, "Bernie" is a Bernette 330, which I bought new back in the 80's - I was so excited at the time because it had a few stitches besides basic zigzag, and could do buttonholes! Bernie has been in steady hard use for all the years since then, and is a faithful pal.

      I have been concerned about not having a "back up" sewing machine though, and now Lil 'Nina will move into the daily place and Bernie can either rest in the pasture, or be set up for whatever tasks end up being easier on that interface... (Kind of like my two cameras, one is good for details, but the other one is just right for taking self timed photos)