Friday, January 25, 2013

a gift for B

in which our plucky heroine completes a much belated holiday gift...

My young nephew B is rather quite fond of Lego. Rather than send him yet another building set, it seemed like a fun idea to create something that would allow him to bring his Legos with him to school, without causing any kind of classroom foo - hence these Lego figure t-shirts. As my faithful readers may remember, freezer paper stencils are one of my favorite ways to add crisp images to fabric. Since my everyday repertoire of imagery doesn't include Lego, a quick cruise of Google images yielded plenty of possibilities. It was a quick project: an hours work or so to draw out images and then cut the freezer paper, and once ironed down onto the t-shirts, it didn't take long to actually dab the fabric paint on with a finegrain sponge. The longest wait is then letting the shirts sit for 24 hours while the fabric paint cures. This evening, I will iron the shirts to set the paint, and then they can be wrapped up to travel back to the East Coast where my nephew lives, when my parents, currently visiting here at Acorn Cottage, return home.


  1. Good job Auntie,I am sure they will be a hit.

  2. Holy cow, those are great! I know lots of adults who would wear that in a heartbeat!