Sunday, January 13, 2013

12th Night

At 12th Night it was a treat to see friends from near and far, and to hear what things have been happening since I last was at an event. I even had some new clothes to wear on Saturday, unlike most years... (I rarely make new SCA clothing, since my historical wardrobe is already far more extensive than my modern clothing.) The main reason, other than just socialising, to attend the event was that my friend Ulfred (Jarl Sir Ulfred Draumfjallr) was being made a Companion of the Order of the Laurel: a high honor and since he already is a Knight, a Pelican, and a Royal Peer, this elevation made him a quadruple peer (very uncommon)
here he is looking very solemn, with his lovely lady wife, (my dear friend Elfreda); 
they are waiting for the ceremonial procession into court for his elevation
finished-quad-peerEarlier this year I had been commissioned to make the enamel for Ulfred's Laurel medallion, (which are often custom made for the particular recipient). My friend, and fellow Laurel, Conochbar (aka Bob), collaborated with me on this project, and he created the elaborate setting for the enamel.

Now and then throughout the weekend, there were also a few inquiries about future enameling work, (which I need to follow up on) and mention of the possibility of reviving open studio time here at Acorn Cottage. Our plucky heroine would like that very much, the only thing better that working in the shop, is working in the shop with other folks there!

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  1. Your enamel is lovely and is also the symbol for Corpus Christi College, Cambridge where I had my first job as an Office Junior in the 1980's! A 'pelican in its piety' - seeing this brought back many happy memories!