Wednesday, December 26, 2012

silent shirt, holey shirt

At the beginning of the month our plucky heroine started yet another decorative long-sleeve T shirt, as the second piece in my wintertime 6PAC sewing. Handwork keeps me sane, keeps the hours spent on public transit from feeling like a wasted life... Last night the sleeves (final two pattern pieces) were completed.

It was my intention that the sleeves have a slightly different complementary design, for several reasons. The long lines of parallel running stitch used on the body sections work well for the kind of horizontal stretch needed there, but somewhat less well on the stretch and bend that happens around the human elbow. Also, the idea of somewhat asymmetrical design on the arms felt like a fun current idea while still within my personal aesthetic.

So, once the cuff and shoulder areas had the overall holey motif added, 'twas time to begin designing and adding the final decorative paint and stitchery... My inspiration was this image, (found online somewhere* several years ago, as a fragment of a larger picture)

An inspiration was to realise that by using pins in the areas to be cut away, it is possible to hold together multiple layers of freezer paper to cut identical reversed stencils

see... it works like a charm...

et voila! - the original sketch is at the top, the two mirror image stencils at the bottom

Design is stenciled with black paint onto the indigo jersey fabric. Still to come, stitching around the motif, cut away at the edges of the petals, and more painting of surrounding scrollwork

Sleeve embellishment is completed, so now all shirt components are ready for assembly... Final construction waits 'til our plucky heroine has finished her current metalwork project (metalwork and enameling trump personal sewing)

* if anyone knows where this is from, I'd gladly add an attribution. (Tried Google Image search without luck) Nowadays I use Pinterest to store inspiring images, while tracking back to first locate where they exist online rather than simply re-pinning, to avoid just this kind of difficulty...


  1. Oh, this is so pretty! I'm eager to see the finished product. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Very pretty. Please keep sharing. At some point I shall do something using fabric paint and a lovely celtic knot stencil.

  3. I love your reverse applique projects. You are really inspiring to me with them.