Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday musings which our plucky heroine looks both backwards and sideways a bit...

The good news is that my tiny* snowy owl pendant, completed and packed to ship in the wee small hours of the night, went to the postal orifice today and will arrive in plenty of time to make a little girl very happy on Christmas morning. I am quite grateful to her parents Osric and Epone, for their confidence in my work and the commission to get me back in the studio... There are another few bits of work also in process, and the work is starting to become engaging again. There are a few small bubbles of new ideas rising - not even real sketches yet, but there will be...
* owl pendant is just under 1" in diameter

Very slow progress on the holey T shirt project, the sleeves are almost as big as the rest of the garment. After this one is done, I suspect that there will be a bit of a break from the reverse applique, as I am feeling a bit ready for a change... maybe back to bus-knitting, as the weather certainly is chilly enough. Time to hunt through the yarn stash for something appealing...

Apparently my family is rather surprised that I have not planned any sort of shindig at all for my birthday, which is this Friday... yes, I know, the Mayan Apocalypse, the day the world ends, etc etc (big whup). Well, for me the world ended twice this year already. Once with a cancer diagnosis in January, (followed by radiation treatment in May) and once again in July... When I think of where I was a year ago, filled to the brim with happiness and unknowing, I just cannot think of what celebratory activity now might be both possible and pleasant. This is not how our plucky heroine usually feels during her favorite time of year.  Girl has survived a year of walking through fire, is still here, still making things, but life still feels quite diminished. The things I do want are neither illegal immoral or fattening, but they either no longer allowed, or impossible to arrange; not sure what, if anything, on the short list still allowed might be a treat.

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  1. That's a wonderful enamel Indigotiger!!! I've tried enamelling but never anything with a recognizable image! Good job!

    You sure have had a year, rougher by far than most of us ever have to face. You are doing an honorable job of living through it, if you ask me. And I know I am not the only one who finds you an inspiration.

    I hope we can meet in person in 2013!