Saturday, December 1, 2012

if wishes were horses all beggars would ride... which our plucky heroine contemplates wishes...Was looking through a few posts from a year ago, when in some ways my life was very different. It was BeforeCancer. But in some ways the me of then is still here, in shards perhaps, but shards that still reflect the light.

I had intended to participate in SWAP 2012, and some of the garments I'd planned will instead make their way into SWAP 2013 and the concomitant 6PAC's.

I wrote up a wishlist, back then in early December, and while most of the wishes still live in the land of possibility, a few made their way into the bright world. Last year I wrote:

Gave this one a bit of thought, seems like most of what I wish for, that can be given, involves more the gift of time and the sharing of some resources, rather than actual stuff.
  1. company while sorting/organising supplies - the sewing room, and the workroom both need attention, and I make much better progress with someone else there to keep me company, is a lot more fun to sort fabric etc with the option for tea and chat...
  2. garden beds built/load of garden soil & compost acquired - a truck with an open bed, or money for a dumptruck load, and a number of strong shovel wielding folks. I have a plan, just need helpers.
  3. debris hauled away - this involves someone with a truck, and help going all round the outdoors of the homeplace, to remove everything that needs to not live here
  4. massage - for many years I had an ongoing every other week massage trade, housecleaning for bodywork; I miss that. Even a modest amount of attention paid to sorting out the knots and such that have accumulated in the last six  seven years would help me a lot
  5. bicycle maintenance and tuneup - I have no experience with how to care for my bike, having only fairly recently started riding again. Would love to learn more, and know that the useful tool of bicycle will be adjusted and cared for properly
  6. standard concrete block - in sets of four or six... why, 'cos I have a number of plastic barrels destined for rainwater collection, and they work a lot better if they are elevated. Concrete is damn heavy to cart home on the bus.
  7. wooden kitchen cart - to add additional counter space here, will make having more than one cook in the kitchen a lot easier. FORHOJA has drawers for storage
  8. install the hard flooring - this is a big project only because it involves removing the entire contents of each of the two bedrooms before the flooring can go down. Probably a weekend for each room, one day to move stuff out, one day to put flooring down and move stuff back in (just a guess, the rooms are pretty small, but there is a lot of stuff. Or...
  9. wooden shelves on the walls in bedroom and sewing room - more shelving will allow better storage of fabrics and other supplies, as well as guest bedding
  10. cross country train trip in a sleeper car - I want to visit my friends and family in New England, I love train travel, and it would be an adventure instead of an ordeal.

Crossed out #7 and #9. The wooden kitchen cart is in my kitchen now, and makes even more of a good difference as suspected a year ago, with drawers to hold eating utensils and placemats and napkins, and a lower shelf perfect to hold the dishpans when not in use. Last winter G came and helped with some of the housecarpenter-ish projects, like filling in the holes in the workroom ceiling left by Demolition Boy years before, and also putting shelves up on the wall above the guest bed. There are aparently some possibilities for #4 and #5 in the circles of friends here in Portland, inquiries are being made.

Our plucky heroine is grateful indeed for kindness and cleverness and the community all round. After all, a year ago it was uncertain that I would even be here this year to be thinking of wishes mine and wishes otherfolks...

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  1. I'm glad you're still here to carry on making wishes!

    You modestly didn't list others' wishes that you helped come true - I bet there are quite a few of those!