Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday fragments

Don't ever go and shop at Woodcrafters, I shall certainly not go there again! Why, you may ask.... because they have a most snarky attitude towards legitmate customers, which I am not willing to pay money to be subjected to. I was in there shortly before Christmas, and saw that they had nice 1/4 panel cuts of baltic birch plywood in various thicknesses, which would be perfect for the mending around the bathroom vent fan project. Since I'd not measured the needful dimensions at the time, I planned on coming back later to pick up a piece. I asked (at that time) at the front information desk if they could cut the piece down in house and what the charge for that would be. I was told "oh yes, no problem, and only a few bucks..."

When there, I picked out a piece of the 1/4" plywood, paid for it, and then asked if they could make two cuts in it for me. The clerk said sure, what do you want, and our minimum shop fee is $15!!! I looked at him in shock and said, "gosh, most places charge a dollar or two per cut, and I was told only a few dollars when I was in here a week or two ago..." With a very nasty tone of voice he told me that "we're not Home Depot"... I was quite startled at his venom to a customer, told him that in fact, I do not normally shop at Home Depot, and left with my paid for but uncut sheet goods. I will make sure to pass this story along, in the same way that I share the tales of places with wonderful kindly customer service.

I have wonderful generous friends, as anyone that reads along here will surely see... Last night K, her husband O, and I went to go visit my pal E, after a quick stop at Barbur World Foods for some delicious Lebanese take-our food for supper. The plan was to hang out being encouraging whilst E worked on her 12th Night clothing... (I realise that not everyone is as sewing-mad as I am, some folks find it a chore rather than an activity-of-choice), It was a really fun way for me to spend the evening being social and helpful. E also sent me home with her older countertop automatic hot water kettle, having read my saga about melting down my former stovetop kettle. Now all that is needed is to clear a spot on the miniscule countertops here at Acorn Cottage. Also, when my sad tale about Woodcrafters and their price-gouging cut fee was told, O offered to do all the needful cuts in his home shop for me (happyface) so early in the new year I can check another project off my fix the bathroom punch list...

It has been an interesting week in several ways... one is that I've had the loan of a Subaru Forrester all week, and have taken advantage of the opportunity to refresh my everyday driving skills. The biggest difference that having a car makes is how much less important it makes it seem what the outside world is like. Without a car, our plucky heroine needs to pay careful attention to not only what the weather is doing "now" but also be prepared for however long the journey away from home will likely take. Walking around means being out in the weather, also means seeing the surrounding environs in much greater detail than is possible or safe while behind the wheel. BIg shift of focus. Of course, available auto transportation means that it is much less necessary to plan ahead for tasks or errands, and also it is a lot easier to drift into the spend money and shop mode, because you can. (not that I did suchlike, but did take advantage of easy vehicular transport to restock the pantry shelves a bit, which was planned spending)

Also had two acupuncture treatment sessions this week, which seems to be encouraging some improvement in my ability to stand and walk. I will gladly take that, and am hopeful for further transformation, being able to walkabout and maybe even dance will do wonders for my well-being. Indeed as body, mind, and spirit are interconected, it has been a great weight off my mind to finally also start to move beyond heartbreak, which has long become a tiresome place to live. I suspect that those tiny needles in whatever meridians R has been adjusting have also drained off some of the "stuck in sadness" that has been my unwelcome companion for all these months. Somehow, the time that G and I had together has begun to fade into a story that happened long ago to someone else, instead of the only thing I can see or feel. I will always miss waking each day with that spark of brightness in my heart, but the pain of loss has finally started to ease. Life alone might not be radiant, but now it is back to equanimity...
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  1. We've never had a problem with Woodcrafters. Though, we've never bought plywood that needed to be cut. They did cut down a 12' board into two 6' boards for us--for no charge. (We can't fit 12' boards in our vehicle.)

    The place to buy plywood is Mr. Plywood. They do cuts for 50 cents each and they're great about it.

  2. I'd not have been so upset had I not asked previously about the specific issue and been told it was "a few bucks"... Not even in this day and age would I call $15 a few bucks. And there was no reason at all for the information clerk to gratuitously sneer at me.

    Fortunately I have friends with the appropriate tools. I have tools, just not the right one for this particular job