Thursday, November 8, 2012

a dash of McMenamins and other plans

in which our plucky heroine makes small progress in various creative endeavors...

Am currently working on a border design to decorate the transition between the lower and upper wall in the bathroom. Today I picked up some metallic coppery paint that I suspect will look splendid. Shall probably use the stencil to just mark out the outlines, since the walls are lumpy-textured, and handpaint the colors. At least with the decorative bits located partway down the wall, it will not be necessary to stand atop the stepladder with head turned sideways like a big curious bird, for hours. My one line description of Acorn Cottage house decor/style is "Modern Eclectic Whimsical Handicrafted: Pacific Rim meets Danish Modern, with a dash of McMenamins and Karl Larsson"; I have long admired the painted detailing and border designs at the various McMenamins, and this is one small attempt on my part to do homage to that level of decoration.

Am in the middle of creating a sewing plan for the next howevermany months... in some ways the planning and sketching is the most fun part of all, though the entire process is enjoyable, most of the time. As mentioned, my intent is to use fabric and patterns on hand, only spending out for consumable things like thread, and possibly fabric paint. At this point I have SWAP mostly planned out, coordinated with WInter 6PAC.

Everything in these plans will also coordinate with almost everything currently in closet and dresser. I never have many clothes, and wear them out at about the same rate that I sew, which works well, if I sew steadily. Right now, some of my everyday clothing is starting to look shabby, so it is definitely time. My eventual intent is to have functional clothing that will be enough to wear for a week without doing laundry in the middle, and I am almost there...

So... SWAP 2013

black and grey, accented with brown
  • top - black and multiple grey t-shirt, TNT pattern, Nikki McClure crow (this will be my "begin after the rules are announced" allowed garment)
  • top - black floral cotton lawn (Trios,in black), La Fred Athena blouse pattern 
  • top - black/cream mini stripe hemp knit jersey, TeagardenT
  • bottom - black textured wool ticked in lighter off-white, ur-jumper pattern has been graded up to current size, still needs to be muslined and fit...
  • bottom - textured black cotton, TNT pinafore pattern#1 (this is the allowed one pre-made garment)
and... indigo and brown, accented with black
  • top - brown jersey knit, TNT pattern, modified neckline to add Katherine Tilton style neckline
  • top - multi fabrics brown/indigo EasternWestern shirt
  • top - indigo jersey, TNT pattern, modify neckline to add Ottobre yoke and floral embellishment
  • bottom - dark indigo, TNT pinafore pattern#2
  • bottom -  brown brushed twill, overall-jumper, TNT pattern

and... Winter 6PAC

  • top - black and grey crow T from/for SWAP?
  • top - grey string pieced top
  • overlayer - grey corduroy vest
  • overlayer - black/brown/cream herringbone wool vest 
  • bottom - pants in heavy black cotton, possibly underlined, Vogue 8499 
  • coat - maybe this will be the year I make a raincoat?


  1. Sigh I ask the same question: "Maybe this year/season/decade" I will make a raincoat. I have one cut out, so have taken a step in the raincoat direction. And knowing that by end of summer 2013 I will be living in the Zone of Rain again (Seattle) might move that raincoat closer to the top of the list. But raincoats do tend to fall away from my sewing priorities, esp when I spot something shiny - then my crow genes kick in and I have to pick it up with my beak and fly it back to my nest!

  2. well, Claire, you are doing better than I am - at least your raincoat is cut out already! I keep changing my mind about what pattern to use. If you will be in Seattle, then you will not be all that far away, I live in Portland, the city with many superb independent fabric stores

  3. Yes! I'll be in your neighborhood (stretching the meaning of neighborhood!) I grew up in Seattle, used to live in Portland, in the late 70s, then moved to Olympia off and on from 1980 to 1994. I sure know your territory well. One of my best and longest friends lives in Portland! And I can't wait to meet you in person (if you are receiving of course) and browse the fabric store highways and byways!

    As for the raincoat. . . as I said, it is cut out. So maybe this season will be raincoat season. Time will tell!

    1. Olympia!?! I moved to Olympia in 1984, and lived there off and on for several years whilst attending TESC, returning there again in the mid 90's until I moved here to Portland. Perhaps we met in passing at some time...

      I would be happy to meet you in person, once you are settled and up for traveling

  4. Ah I wondered if you'd attended Evergreen. And I'll surely keep you updated on the move north!