Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday snippets

Our plucky heroine must have been tired, lay down for a bit of a rest at around 4-ish, and woke up again after nine...

This weekend was another visit from my northern pals B & K, who are almost finished with the fixup and cleanout of the apartment building. They often stop at The Bins (not far from where they are working), and sometimes share the by-the-pound bounty, when they find things that will be a treat for our plucky heroine: some varied textile bits (textured silk shirts and an interlock cotton dress all in black) are being washed, and an indigo patterned scarf...

Apparently the beautiful large indigo and white folk art cotton scarf is from the Czech Republic (according to online translation) and the international fabric care symbols say ought be handwashed. For indigo I will make the effort, our plucky heroine has a thing for indigo. (more about indigo Slovak textiles here)

They brought me a large oak/plywood bookcase from the building they are working on, which is destined to replace the random assortment of bookcases along the library wall.

The bookcase wall formerly had: a Boeing bookcase (moved to fabric storage land) some pressboard bookcases (gone back to Goodwill, I loathe pressboard) some milk crates (gone to workroom) and two small bookcases from my childhood (moved to other end of new bookshelf)... Hence the current state of the Acorn Cottage living room, massive piles of books-n-stuff... part of today involved starting to replace the books on the library wall... Books will be reorganised and put back on new shelf, and other books can now come out of boxes to join them... There is even room for my collection of Threads magazines, which will free up most of a shelf in the sewing room for current fabric/sewing projects instead, yay!

Well, I missed writing about World Egg Day last week, but since the hens are all moulting and therefore no eggs at all here at Acorn Cottage, perhaps it is not such a great loss...

Whilst heading downtown, as I approached the bus stop where the bluff drops away from Willamette Blvd, there, a big hawk launched off one of the trees, and since the treetop was actually a bit below street level, I got a unique view from above the raptor!  Alas, it all happend so quickly that there was no chance for a photo, but the air currents were such that it appeared to be sort of rocking in midair for a moment, so graceful, and seemed almost close enough to touch...

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  1. Books are such comforting companions.