Thursday, October 18, 2012

stitchery snippets

Our plucky heroine has decided to play along with Frosting Fortnight, just for fun, though I am pretty sure that there is not a lot of "frosting" in my wardrobe

Today's frosting item is a lace top, made years ago and only ever worn twice before, when some of my artwork was in the Erotic Art Festival in Seattle, and I needed something a bit more edgy than my usual urban fairytale style... It sort of does work with this outfit, but I usually wear natural fibers, and this is nylon lace, soft-ish nylon, but it still feels like plastic. The plastic-ness is a bit mitigated by the openwork of the lace fabric, and it takes up very little space in the dresser drawer, so it shall probably not end up being thrifted away, but neither will it see common use.

sewing progress report:
Printing your own fabric is a big pain, the stenciling is taking a long time to do since I can only do an hour or two before my hands get tired. The initial idea was to use fabric and supplies that are already in stash, since shopping is one of this gal's least favorite thing to do, even fabric shopping (which is only fun if it involves finding new random treats rather than searching for something very specific that may not exist) This fabric being printed is for an over-jacket that is part of a three garment set of new SCA clothes for Honor Feast, which will also do for my Halloween costume for answering the door for trick-or-treaters, and the pants and underdress will be good midweight loungewear for around the house and serve as part of my Make Do and Mend 2012

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  1. this is a darned cute ensemble, Indigotiger, from your hat down to your sleeves and down your skirt!

    I am with you on plastic lace though. It's so annoying because lace sleeves can be so fabulous. . . yet another of my regular searches when I find a new fabric source - I inspect and feel the lace to see whether there is a chance I could tolerate it touching my skin. Mostly the answer is no! Not even with seven featherbeds between me and the offending texture!