Friday, October 26, 2012

sewing, sauerkraut and son-of-a-bitch

There has been a mortal lot of sewing going on here, when first our plucky heroine decided that part of how to show her appreciation of her pal K (guest of honor at Honor Feast) was to make clothing in the steppe nomad style to wear to said event.

This entailed making a pair of pants, which this gal not only almost never sews, but almost never wears. Was an opportunity to try out a pattern that has been in the "gosh this looks interesting" pile for a number of years now. I like how it fits, and without the nomadic modifications, would work well for a wintertime underlayer instead of a petticoat.

The underdress was not that different than my regular Norse clothing, but the top layer, the "coat" was quite the project... Since there was no suitable fabric in my stash, it seemed like a good idea to stencil the fabric I had to make it look more "nomadic". Hours and hours later the fabric was ready to be stitched up (I cut out all the pieces beforehand, to keep from stenciling any unnecessary yardage) The coat was fairly straightforward to sew, and once I figured out how to create loops for the row of buttons down the front, it was complete. Very different from anything else I have made for SCA clothing, but now I have something to wear with the Armenian headdress that I made years ago.

Do our tastes change as we age? I have always hated sauerkraut, despite the fact that it is hella healthy. Today at New Seasons demo booth, they were handing out samples of this local fresh sauerkraut topped with bratwurst; the kraut made without added vinegar, and it was really tasty! Vinegared things have never been a favorite of mine, but I actually considered either buying some of this to keep in the fridge and nibble on, or actually making my own, as so many of my friends do...

Not quite ready for prime time, but I am undergoing diagnostics for additional cellular level wierdness (aka bad pap). Not happy about this, and hoping that it proves to be a non-issue. I should know more in the next week or so. Can the med-foo just slow down a bit, eh? Girl was just starting to get her feet under herself after all the foo and heartbreak in the last year. So, for now, dog is once again on close watch, eyes and ears alert for danger...


  1. Oh heavens, your star stenciled coat is simply gorgeous! I am so impressed with your colors selection and the nicely laid out stars. I saw this pattern in among the new Vogue offerings
    And the first thing I thought was. . . time for stenciling!!!

    That cellular business is a total horses ass if you don't mind my saying so. Recently a friend showed me a stack of old French magazines, one of which had an ad for an OTC alcoholic medicine guaranteed to tame "cellular chaos." I will be sending anti-cellular chaos thoughts your way.

  2. Thank you so much for your complements on my coat (and for your anti-chaos thoughts) That Koos coat would make an excellent canvas for stenciling, or stenciling combined with applique.