Tuesday, October 30, 2012

orchids and lilies and roses oh my...

in which the universe gives me flowers and Dr Rockstar gives me a clean bill of health for the next three months. Our plucky heroine is a happy girl!

Lookit what I found whilst walking home from the bus stop... On the sidewalk near the Goodwill drop-off, someone left this lovely bouquet of fresh flowers, in a huge glass vase. When I asked the attendant, he told me that since they were REAL flowers, Goodwill didn't want it, so she just left it there... I guess it was my lucky day, in more than one respect. Our plucky heroine adores having cut flowers in the house, they are one of life's little luxuries that mostly go away when times get austere, so this was like a message from the universe to be of good cheer.

The last week has been really difficult, as I had received a phone call that my pap test was abnormal, and I would need to go back to the oncology center for more extensive testing. My cancer history and treatment have in some ways increased my risk of future problems. Fortunately the testing today was not as painful as feared, and the results were that there were no apparent microscopic cellular oddities waiting to cause trouble. What a relief!

There was an evening a few nights ago, when I happened to look out over the north side of the backyard. When what to my wondering eyes did appear, but this sign from that past that some folks do revere...

Peace in the neighborhood!

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  1. Such good news about the cells! Good!

    And finding those flowers waiting for you on the sidewalk (they were waiting for you to come along, I'm pretty sure) is icing on the cake!