Wednesday, October 17, 2012

...on the bottoms of our feet

Path is written on the bottoms of our feet. We cannot get lost, though sometimes it feels like we are. This I believe, even when I forget that I believe it, even when what looks like the path breaks up into unmanageable chunks...

Right now I am in the middle of a forgetting time, in the middle of what looks and feels like the aftermath of an avalanche both of body and spirit. Maybe that is why my own feet are so troubled, in a physical way, as a reflection. Who knows? On reading back in my writing of two years ago and forward, there was a sense of change on the wind, despite the benign reality of my daily life then. Is the fire of cancer and loss the change that was waiting, or is there yet more... Who knows?

Our plucky heroine will continue to survive, until her path takes a turning out of the bright world. When will that be... Who knows? But until then, I shall do what I can to be of good cheer, to live in a way that adds beauty and kindness to the world, and to share what knowledge I have gathered freely with those around me. Will that be enough... Who knows?

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