Monday, October 15, 2012

Larson-esque (not Gary)

This is rather amazing! Actual period film of the artist Carl Larson and his family and home - I saw this on Terry Windlings blog and just had to share... I am certain that I am not the only one of my circle that has great admiration for this artist and his wife and the lifestyle that they created at the turn of the last century. I never thought to actually see them on film though!


  1. Thanks for these links - so summery and so lovely. Really enjoy your blog, which I found via Stitcher's Guild - you have a marvelous creative instinct. Thank you for the inspiration and for the honesty of your journey.

    JoyceP in Wisconsin

  2. How fun to see this little movie -- thank you! It reminded me so much of my grandparents' farm from my childhood. Almost every Spring the creek about 1/2 mile away flooded their land, but the roads and the sites of the house and barns were higher and didn't get water in them. The architecture of the houses, the long dresses, remind me of long-ago time, not because I was there, but because I spent so much time looking at old photos.

    I enjoy reading your contributions to Stitchers Guild but haven't yet joined up. Re your pretty piece of lawn, I'd trim a striped shirt (coordinating color) with this fabric on the collar and cuffs, maybe the front facing, if there was enough. A scarf would be pretty, too.

    As Red Green says, "...I'm pulling for ya!"

  3. What a treat - thanks for sharing this film!