Sunday, October 28, 2012

a special Saturday

... 'twas a wonderful treat to go to Honor Feast this Saturday, as the person being honored was my pal Khalja.

The overall theme was "central Asian", and there many folks who either like me had made new clothing, or adapted their everyday garb to something suitable. Somehow in all the convolution our plucky heroine didn't take any pictures of the actual feast, but suffice it to say that the kitchen gods and goddesses kept bringing out platters of food to nibble on all the long day, starting just after the site opened, and ending with varied roast meats and side dishes at dinner time. Mmmm, roast lamb and spanikoptia...

The event took place at the county fairgrounds out in St Helens, in a big round hall that was transformed into a suitable setting for all sorts of revelry. The sounds of the harp and various other instruments drifted through the conversations, as folks met and wandered about greeting friends, and looking at the various artistic endeavors (was also the local A&S championship) 

My friend Ursul was there, and I saw for the first time the textile printing that she has been working on. She has been doing research on medieval block printing, and has hand carved wooden block and created her own textile inks from raw materials. The resulting product is quite impressive!

Later that afternoon, the guest of honor took on an apprentice:
whilst surrounded by friends and various affiliated folks...

It was an excellent event, with only a modicum of necessary court business (the triparate scroll presented to K was one of the most splendid bits of scribal art I have ever seen) and plenty of time for socialising and working on projects. I even had a few inquiries about enameled regalia, and was hopefully able to put to rest the rumor that I am no longer available to do that work, which in fact I am actively seeking new commissions. There were so many people there that I had not seen recently, it was good to reconnect with old friends from further away. May there be many more events in the near future...

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