Wednesday, September 12, 2012

wishful Wednesday

As our plucky heroine begins to sort through all kinds of supplies and projects and suchlike here at Acorn Cottage, (huzzah for 20/10's) it sure would be useful to have some tidy containers to sort into... am making do with paper sacks from the grocery store, and a few extra large rubbermaid totes. What I wish for would be something like a whole stack of identical boxes, somewhere between shoebox size and half-ream size, with lids. Boxes the size that a pair of boots come in would be perfect, and while I am dreaming, could they be all one color, (plain cardboard brown) without graphics or printing... Oh, say, maybe two or three dozen... but, since there is no money in what is called the till for such extravagance, I shall make do, with what is here...

Am making good progress on the wolf t-shirt, lots of time for handwork while riding on the new "improved" longer more convoluted bus routes that go along with the higher fare (sarcastic? nah, not me...) There are all kinds of different handstitches that are suitable for holding down edges that need to stretch (like necklines, and cuffs)

Whilst out and about, this conjunction caught my eye: brightsun and shade, blue and pink and lots of green...

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