Sunday, September 9, 2012


and now back to our regularly scheduled program...

Today the air was cooler, and the sky not so unrelentingly blue. It was pleasant to be out and about, and notice the small signs of the season shifting towards autumn. The long summer dusk is noticeably shortening, evening bike rides are not often possible to fit in with the afterwork tasks.
The street trees along SE 13th have these amazingly odd fruits...

A new T-shirt is in the works, in chocolate brown with an appliqued graphic scavenged from a thrifted shirt that Karen found at "the Bins". Her comment on finding it was that the artist's designs were very similar to my style; this wolf reminds me a lot of my running horse logo. I did a line of stitching in pale cream around the edges of the graphic, and will stitch it in place once the front panels of the shirt are completed. Stay tuned for the next week or so... Sometimes I wonder if I am addicted to doing handwork; when I have no ongoing small project to tote around and work on in the between moments, it is actually uncomfortable. Soon it will be cool enough that getting back to knitting will be pleasant, but until then, it will be hand-stitching.

My autumn 6 PAC plan has shifted a bit, since working on the knit tops is being soooo much fun. Initially I'd intended to make a vest, or a jacket, overalls, one jumper, a Teagarden T, and two T-shirts. Well, I already have a lot of vests, not sewn, but knit, in colors that coordinate with pretty much any of my current or probable future clothing, so it makes no sense to make yet another vest right now. Since my favorite grey pinafore died there is a gap in my wardrobe, so I shall make two new ones, one in black and one in the same lovely chocolate brushed twill as the new autumn hat that is not quite finished... The Teagarden T will be added to the wintertime 6PAC instead, and the third T-shirt will be in two tones of brown: dark chocolate and bittersweet chocolate, with the salvaged applique on the front.

revised Autumn 6PAC
dk neutral overlayer -
dk neutral bottom -
dk neutral top -
alt neutral overlayer -
alt neutral top -
color link top -
- brown twill pinafore
- brown twill overalls
- brown t-shirt
- black pinafore
- black t-shirt
- blue/black/brown t-shirt


  1. I love reading your blog and following your creations on SG. However I very seldom comment as I'm not doing the 6pac - not that that should make a difference. Anyway I love your style of writing and I'm extremely impressed with all the hand work and details that you do.
    Marciae - from Stitchers Guild

  2. Thank you Marciae - I actually rarely comment on other folks blogs, but given how much it brightens my day when people comment here, maybe I should...