Wednesday, September 26, 2012

there and back again, part 3

... in which our plucky heroine visits Crater Lake while on the way home...

The next morning... my ranger pals, after the wedding and before we headed out... at a park in K Falls

Under the wooden structure and behind the iron fencing, was a large steam locomotive.

Over by the lake, these retired treads were once used to offload logs into the water

sunlight glitters on spiderwebs

there are a number of roads leading out of town, but the contrast between the green lakeside and the dry hills was what caught my eye...

After many years, an ambition achieved, and I visit Crater Lake; Worth seeing indeed, was on my list for years, but never managed it, and my pals were kind enough to make the detour

It is truly a natural wonder of the world... far too large to see in one look

Turn to one side and there is Wizard Island,
another volcanic cone inside the caldera

The azure sky and the cobalt water shine

Off to one side, the Phantom Ship sails.

On a clear day there is so much to see!

This was my first ever visit to Crater Lake; I know this looks rather a lot like I pasted a picture of me onto a picture of some amazing scenery, but really this is what it looked like. All to soon, it was time to continue heading homeward...

The van up ahead is S and B and V, 
we are all on the road back north.

The intrepid L, who kindly shared car space so our plucky heroine could attend this very special shindig... The scenery visible through the windows is a good reason to smile!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your photos to Crater Lake. The last time I visited the area was on a winter Girl Scout camping trip in 1978. My GS leader was friends with a ranger - that's how we got winter access.
    I am so glad to see the lake in much the same condition and still so breathtaking.