Saturday, September 15, 2012


One of the weekend projects is a basic black pinafore jumper, in a heavier fabric suitable for cooler weather (and our plucky heroine is eager for weather cool enough to allow wearing multiple layers of clothing...)

The chosen fabric is one that is rather unusual, as it is heavily and irregularly ribbed, but not corduroy. I am unsure what this type of fabric is called; the raised areas are created by changing the tension on the floats on the back. It will be interesting to see if it wears well.

I have several TNT pinafore patterns, and for this one, chose the one with diagonal piecing in the side panels. The pattern (originally McCalls 7730) was a loosely fitting dress, and I refit the bodice years ago to a closer fit, recut the neckline, and removed the sleeves, so it could be worn over a blouse or knit top. I have made this up in corduroy several times (as well as heavy linen), to good effect, so thought that it should work well in this ribbed fabric as well...
. .
original pattern and modified result

The wolf applique t-shirt is finished. I am pretty happy with the layered cap sleeves, and may use them again at some point, though I may extend them just a bit more, one inch beyond my shoulder points still looks pretty narrow. I might also add a few reverse applique stars to the other sleeve, as it looks just a bit unbalanced with only the moon on one side and nothing on the other.


  1. Love the wolf, beautiful job, as always!!

  2. I now see that this pattern is quite different from the vintage pinafore. However, this new one turned out looking great.