Saturday, September 29, 2012

Saturday snippets

My sister is a great one for noticing what missing objects would make me squee with happiness... Most recently, a gift package arrived from Amazon and inside was the complete set of all three Alabama Chanin books! What a wonderful addition to my reference library; our plucky heroine is looking forward to even more experiments with handstitching decorative clothing.

Make and Mend is progressing along, so far the projects have been small enough for transit handwork.

Thanks to the beautiful shot silk organdy from Luz Clara, I was able to make suitable roses for the wedding guest hat. All the roses are backed with brooch findings, rather than permanently attaching them, and as my friend Dayna has a great passion for purple, I knew from the beginning that one of the rose brooches would be a gift for her, to add to her (purple) summer straw hat, and I think that she was quite pleased.

This week I used the small leftover scraps from my bag holder project to make a new potholder for the kitchen here at Acorn Cottage. The scraps, combined with a partially wornout hand towel, were transformed into a bright and useful cooking helper. I know, simple pleasures for simple people, but when it is grey outside this winter, every bit of brightness is welcome.


  1. Well darn, there goes my plan for your Christmas present. But go your sister! :)

  2. Yay!!! I'm so glad to know that silk contributed to your Wedding Guest Hat!!

    Best to you! Luz Clara