Tuesday, September 11, 2012

random Tuesday tidbits

#1. Have decided to not post any more heartbreak foo till after the solstice, by then I may likely be feeling different, and this will encourage me to continue to shift my attention away from foo and towards beauty and creativity instead.

#2. Found my Opinel this morning - yay!! I feel so undressed without a knife, and just do not want to walkabout Portland wearing a sheath knife, though making a kind of steampunky gear belt might be fun... and huzzah for 20/10's, my new best friend

#3. Continued work on the wolf t-shirt, and cut out the upper sleeve caps and the undersleeves. After cutting out the undersleeves, found that there was a small hole in one of them. Decided that rather than re-cut, that the hole was a perfect location for a small crescent moon reverse applique. Now am thinking that a scattering of stars would add design consistency to the other sleeve... always walking the line between enough and way too much....

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