Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday fragments

Last night an unexpected phone call from my pal B, who was on the road headed south to the borderlands, and wanted to know if our plucky heroine would like some company... was a good chance to catch up on his recent doings, and to see the new saddlebags for the Harley. Showed me a new set of entertaining videos to explore: Medieval Lives, hosted by Terry Jones; should be great for short rewards after doing needful housekeeping

Another hot afternoon, where the best thing to do on the way home is to stop and walk around in Teachers Fountain before heading the rest of the way home. Yay for Keen watershoes, which make drenching the socks of unpleasant squeeziness with cold water possible

Finished the wolf t-shirt, will try for pictures tomorrow, in the morning, when it will hopefully be cool enough that wearing a longsleeve tee willn't be unrealistic. Dare I hope to actually complete six garments this 6PAC...

Thinking about restarting Crafternoon, maybe the last weekend this month? Comments??

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