Tuesday, September 4, 2012

blackberry blue moon trip

...in which our plucky heroine escapes her ordinary life, and once in a blue moon takes a ferry ride to spend the holiday weekend on Anderson Island with friends.

we left Steilacoom on an extra late ferry at 11 PM...

walk around the upper ferry deck and look at the mainland glowing in the distance, under the light of a blue moon...

follow the island roads deep into the middle, and at the end of a long driveway...

is the delightful house we stayed at for our holiday. A big porch runs around three sides of the upper story, and these antlers were up near the rafters.

There are trails and pathways in various directions...

and the days were just right for exploring.

The stated intention of the trip was berry picking, and there were certainly a few blackberries to be found.

The ripe berries were captured, and turned into island blackberry jam, the best sort of souvenir...

Every so often I see these amazingly ethereal spiderweb domes in the woods, each with a small spider in the top

Along the trail to the beach, this cozy cavern was just to the side, underneath the larger trees and shrubbery

It was a great day to wander on the beach, which had more barnacles and sand dollars than I'd ever seen on one beach, in places so thick with them that it was impossible not to step on anything else

There were also more tiny crabs than I'd ever ever seen before, we tried not to step on them either, but they were so small and so many and so fast that it was difficult. This little fellow was about the size of my thumbnail.

This mystery beach flower has the most amazingly spikey calyx; is this flower something common that I am just unfamilar with?..

The intrepid beach hike companions: Travis, Cheriti, and Erik

Iconic beach smoothed rocks accompanied by barnacles

Good eyes noticed something unusual about the float out in the water...

a local bathing beauty taking it easy on a holiday weekend

wandering around at the barbeque on Sunday night, I saw this young wisteria glowing in the shadows

there is a lovely beach where the island ferry docks, which Marian couldn't resist. She led the way, and most of us followed....

right under the dock, the shadow and light dance with the water

against the bluff, treelife is shaped by the interface of weather and water and rock

Karl and a rock

sunlight on the water made particularly pretty patterns where the ripples and the pilings under the dock ran together

If you look off the dock on one side...

there is life in the sea, these two sea stars are BIG, and they leave behind the shells of smaller creatures that were their meals (lighter spots in the center)

a sea star(slightly distorted image from ripply water)

there are jellyfish too...

At the end of a holiday weekend, the ferries to the mainland are full.

Friends stand along the railing : Beth, Anthony, Erik and Cheriti

It was a relaxing weekend, and Travis stretches out on the ferry deck chairs next to Marian

memories in a jar, which will be a delight to open on some cold winter morning

side note: so this weekend I also experimented with attempting to to take some pictures of my pals... mostly I just take pictures of the natural world, and the built world, but looking back through my photo files, this girl feels a tad wistful that there are not some pictures of who was there when adventures were happening that included other folks. People are a lot harder to photograph than objects.

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