Tuesday, August 21, 2012

the last of the ketchup

Was a delightful long weekend away, up at Fjords End visiting, and celebrating the natal day of my dear friend J. Our plucky heroine drew lots of pictures, and rambled round finding photo opportunities ('tis a target rich environment in that respect) washed dishes, knitted a finger puppet for tiny C, ate all sorts of tasty food from the woodfired oven, finally managed to make fire with flint and steel, and all sorts of other activities... more about that later (and photos too), but for now, here are the rest of the missing daily drawings:

On the way up to OlyWa, it was so hot that B&N would only permit the train to run at 25mph, because the heat can cause the rails to twist. Part of this drawing was begun while it was still moving slowly, but once we started picking up speed, my drawing started disintegrating. Image is looking forward in the train car, back of seat is on the right with tray table upright...

A raised copper container inspired by basketry form, and decorated with cobalt and white beads and tiny discs with the moon phases engraved.

Apple tree, chicken coop, dog wading pool... all on the edge of the driveway at Fjords End

My most favorite dog on this side of the rainbow bridge... Toshi (asleep)

The tangle of split rings was quite challenging to draw...

B & K have a very generous fig tree. The basket handles were particularly hard to draw, as is obvious.

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