Monday, August 6, 2012

somewhere up in the top ten on the foo parade

As Captain Mal said, "this is not my best day ever." But not my worst. Probably up in the top ten on the foo parade though.

Our plucky heroine will be soliciting additional side jobs as much as can be possibly done, as soon as possible; toothfix being a spendy thing for convalescent artists without insurance, and I need to raise somewhere between 700 and 1400 dollars or more. Anyone out there with sewing or mending work that needs done - this would be an excellent time to get in touch. I have one jewelry job in the pipeline, and could use a few more... or if you were thinking about taking a workshop from me this fall... or any other place that my skillset and your needs intersect...

Yay, there was a cancellation today, so I spent a big chunk of the day up at OHSU Urgent Dental Clinic. Gah! I have a cracked tooth.

Best case scenario, it needs a crown, and that will fix the problem. Somewhat worse case scenario, it needs a root canal and a crown. Worst case scenario, it is cracked clean through, and cannot be saved. Until they start in on the temporary crown process, there is no way to know what will eventually be needed... Shall be returning tomorrow morning for an actual clinic intake interview, which will determine if I can be an ongoing patient, and returning on Wednesday, for the temporary crown work, which hopefully will do something about the unrelenting pain. Any permanent work needs to wait at least several weeks, and cannot be done at the Urgent Dental clinic... Will the ongoing gorram foo ever end?!?

in more cheerful news, tune in later tonight for both the drawing from today, and the one from Sunday. Girl was so enervated from the heat that she forgot to post yesterday, so once drawing happens tonight, there will be two new things to see.

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