Saturday, August 4, 2012

random Saturday snippets

Worked a full day yesterday, the first one in months, and while it was hard, it was doable. I creep from shade to shade, walking the eleven blocks from the bus stop to the afternoon housecleaning job. Girl wonders how many folks ever look up... attached well over my head, on the welded tree supporting an entryway, outside a restaurant in the Hawthorne, was this sign:

Have been walking a lot, and with the new Keen summer sandals, my legs are feeling noticeably better. Several times lately have ridden my bike to the store in the late evening, just before dark. Last time, it was still so warm that I dragged out of the clothing stash a camisole top, and went riding with bare arms - that felt absolutely wonderful, the air rushing across my neck and arms like a cool river. Bikeriding is such a treat, I suspect that it is the echos of child-freedom, from before the responsibility overbalanced the playful ease, that such a simple thing would please me so.

girl just wants a break... understood that life consists of clambering up and down various mountain ranges of needful, but would really really like a chance to rest for a few weeks in one of those highcountry meadows of life, with cool breezes under the shade of some big trees, sweet green moss, and the song of a tiny streamlet... am just weary of the ongoing gorram. What brought this on is that our plucky heroine has a horrific toothache (has been highly fortunate to escape so far in life such particular pain - and of course, has no dental coverage either) So, now have a prescription for amox. and have a small baggie of cloves from the bulk isle to hold in my mouth, till I can figure out how to get care... Monday will be day of phone calling, fortunately I have LOTS of experience with suchlike... fingers crossed I get somewhere, this hurts far more than my surgery did. But lets us think of happier things, eh?...

Leftovers from the eggplant that I cooked a few days ago made a wonderful breakfast, chopped really smaller and stirred into some greek youghurt with a bit of salt. Am quite fond of savory rather than sweet for breakfast food, and this one is a good addition to the repertoire, at least for summertime. Might even make up a big skilletful and freeze in small portions, for future treats, if some more japanese eggplant can be acquired. Until the toothache is dealt with, it is only liquid or very soft food for this girl... Fortunately I have an immersion blender, and there is still a few packets of soup in the freezer, remnants from my convalescence. Todays lunch was the last of the miso soup (cooked by Jen), and very tasty indeed.

Well, am off to go attempt a nap, since pain made sleep a non starter last night; shall return later with a drawing for today, right now can barely keep awake...

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