Sunday, August 5, 2012

progress, of a sort...

Have not been doing quite as much picture taking, given the relentless sunshine and heat, but managed to find this one:
"inside every teardrop is a different habitat"

I will say, tooth pain trumps heartbreak, I can only think of one thing at a time... basic cheerfulness is beginning to show up around the edges of my life, very welcome, as I miss being cheerful. While I shall never stop missing G's presence in my life, life continues inexorably moving forward.

The not being able to chew food has really challenged my good eating intentions, to come up with creative mostly balanced things to eat. So far, it has been broth, and yoghurt with either minced fruit, or minced cooked veggies. Scrambled eggs are another option, but this will definitely affect the shift that scale number task - as long as I do not succumb to eating ice cream instead (no worries actually on that account, being it is too spendy and too sugary)

Finished up the bluerose pinafore today, at least to the point it is wearable... I am debating the best way to put pocketing on this one, since a pinnie without pockets is anathema. Probably will go with patch pockets from the scraps of t-shirt left from the bodice, though it is tempting to do a modified bound-opening pocket. Still, get this one done and the next one cut out is the plan of the day, since that keeps the forward momentum.
The bodice needed some fitting adjustment once it was sewn together, I ended up stitching another dart into the armhole area, about an inch and a half away from the front panel, took out about 2cm at the top edge tapered to nothing at that empire seam. Once it was topstitched, it looked simply like a design detail, and black on black is most unobtrusive anyway. I do use the bias binding to pull in the top edges anyhow, but the jersey fabric is so much stretchier than my usual suspects that it needed extra help.

the small blue squares at the hemline please me a lot, even though you can barely see them here.

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