Friday, August 3, 2012

only memory

I woke up this morning with tears in my eyes and the words of this song in my head...  I am sure that y'all are getting tired of my heartbreak posts, as the whole thing is boring to anyone else, and exhausting to me... Fred Small was a singer songwriter who I was fortunate enough to see play several times over the course of his career, I have a very fond memory of him performing "Hot Frogs on the Loose" at Evergreen, and getting the whole audience divided into sections to do backup sounds. What fun that was; I was there with my friend Sharon (currently fighting to survive in the hospital in Olympia) and her toddler daughter Heather (who now had a little girl of her own)... time flies, things change, and we all can do nothing other than grab for that brass ring while we're here.

If I were taken now
     I would remember the light in your hair
     The darkness at the center of your eye
If I were taken now
     I would remember the small of your back
     The arc of your shoulder
If I were taken now
     I would give thanks
     For the kindness you showed in loving me so easily
If I were taken now
     I would remember your breath on my cheek
     The soft conspiracy of your kiss
If I were taken now
     I would remember how quickly you laugh
     Warm as winter's kitchen
If I were taken now
     I would ask forgiveness
     For every time my thoughtlessness caused you pain
     Or made you doubt me
A swarm of stars
A fleet of fireflies
Would pilot me into the night
I would not be frightened
But I would miss you
I would miss you

                                       ~ Fred  Small
                                       from Everything Possible,1993

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