Thursday, August 16, 2012

hot sauce is not catsup

Our plucky heroine is trying not to melt in the heat, triple digits today, and now almost 10:30 at night and it is still 80 out. There is a dishpan of cold water underfoot here at the computer zone, that helps, a little bit. It is almost time to run the fans for a few hours, since it is almost cooler outside, finally, than inside. Running the fans for a few hours in the early morning helps rather a bit more. Getting on the other side of August will help the most. I am seriously wondering about the DIY whole house fan; for next year at least, it would allow running a fan all night, for significantly less effort than creating small fan openings in the outside walls.
That said, here are the other catch-up drawings from this week:

teddybear teddybear turn around... This wee bear is only a few inches tall, even with the felt hat and ruff. Has lived on my shelves somewhere or another for years and years, at some point he asked for something decorative to wear, hence the dagged attire.

This is the burn test birdie... I know, that is not the original purpose of suchlike, but as long as it has lived here at Acorn Cottage, that is the function it serves. Much safer than holding a bit of burning or melting fabric in hand (burn test, for those not in the know, is one way to help determine fiber content of fabric, when that data is unknown; different fibers react to flame in different ways)

In the bathroom here, on the steel medicine cabinet, a block of lucite with a magnet holds a test tube, which then can hold a tiny bouquet of alley flowers: fuchsia, and rose campion, and wild pea.

Woke up with this song running through my head, and with a bit of effort tracked it down, can tell that I will need to do a lot more listening to Show of Hands...

and then found this one, a little more contemporary...

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