Monday, August 27, 2012

haven't lost the touch

Our plucky heroine is encouraged that the initial foray back into the world of very small and very very hot has worked out so well. Of course, staying up 'till 4 AM is better with company, but barring that option, productive work will do nicely. This was fun, I got to play experiment with use the various textures that the enamel can create, and stretch the things I know how to do...

Dried and ready for the final trip through the kiln, the last layer of seeds are done in painting enamel. The individual dots are a millimeter or less across.

It is really hard to photograph shiny black, it ends up mirroring the surroundings. The finished enamel actual size is about 7/8" diameter. Given the size, wirebent seeds would not have been small enough, so the enamel had to do the work. There are about four different layers of seeds, starting with the copper baseplate. Am also happy with the slight texture in the red outside of the pomegranate, and the shading and veins on the leaf...

The sample discs will probably be turned into small charm pendants in the form of pies, given how many folks thought that my time in front of the 1500 degree oven resulted in some perfectly circular fruit pies. Now I need to figure out how to make a tiny semblance of lattice top crust