Friday, August 24, 2012

get a clue

In which our plucky heroine does her best to help keep her friends alive, or how I am puzzled by manufacturers ideas about the intersection of style and safety...

This is what the back of the motorcycle jacket looked like after I was finished adding the reflective panel. Much more visibility to clueless drivers.

The only reflective panel of any size on the original jacket was this modest triangular patch in the center top. I cut away the additional fabric and stitched it turned under in order to allow the patch to remain functional. Every bit helps.

This shows the original narrow reflective piping along the back seams, in addition to a detail of the handstitched addition. Was necessary to handstitch the reflective panel to the back, to not compromise the inner layers of the jacket which, among other things, hold the armoured panels in place.

The remainder of the large reflective stripes from the cannibalized safety vest were added in a strip down the center front of the jacket, stitched to the wind flap over the zipper.

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