Monday, August 6, 2012

daily drawing(s)

This was Sundays drawing... Playmobil tiger baby greets the giant chicken, standing atop a slice of riflestock. I have a whole house full of random peculiar bits. I am pretty happy with the contour of tiger-baby, had a lot of trouble with the rooster feet.

Monday drawing - not anywhere near so peculiar. The faithful bikelock. Drawing all the curly bits was actually kind of fun, like celtic knotwork, but disorganised... Riding the bike, our plucky heroine has been pushing on the edge of the comfort zone, in a kind of flirting with danger way, by going out riding towards dusk, rather than in the bright of day. When it is so very warm in the midday sun, heading towards the store when it is a bit less warm feels much more doable. Should maybe get a bit more bike lighting, besides the blinkie, which will remove one dangerous aspect at least.

Somehow evening bike riding has that same blend of fear and pleasure that horseback riding does, for entirely different reasons... Horseriding had the pleasure of being something long wanted, and the fear of never being quite certain that all would be well. I did fracture two vertabrae as an adult beginner after all, just cos the horse felt frisky... Bikeriding is a competent childhood skill, and has, in addition, the sensual pleasure of feeling the air move in a cool breeze along my arms and body. All this is counterbalanced by the edge of fear just from being a woman outside in the dusk, in the city. Though she lived in New Orleans and not in Portland, I remember the fate of Martha's (famous) Cousin Anne. So far all has been well; I do not listen to music, or the phone while out and about - my attention is scanning my surroundings, always, with all senses. As long as fortune smiles on me, all will continue to be well. It is a challenge to find the balance between fear and freedom.

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