Saturday, August 25, 2012

bizzy like a bee

in which our plucky heroine makes progress in various places...

Rode my bike to the shops, in the cool of the early evening. One good thing about it being late summer, was that the summer hats were on clearance at Fred Meyers; found a simple solid black wide-brimmed hat that will do very nicely to wear to the wedding next month, and with the clearance markdown 'twas only ten dollars. All that is needed is to decorate a hatband with some flowers and feathers and suchlike, which is the fun part. Am feeling relieved that I will not need to also make a new hat in the next few weeks, indeed, have figured out that the bluerose pinafore, worn with my black lace top, will look quite suitable, should I not feel like (or have time to) sew anything new.

This weekend is all about the enameling, so not a lot more till Monday...

Like Flylady, but for the rest of us: Unfuck Your Habitat

Suspect that stuff-sorting, despite the aggravations, will yield very helpful results in addition to the desired organisational improvement. I looked in a box that appeared to have random bits of brown paper, and found, instead, the pattern from my overalls. Now I need not spend the better part of a day pulling a pattern from them, but can, instead, spend an hour or two cutting out a new pair. Once I find the brown cotton twill.

Have a cunning plan that involves the Ur-Pattern... it should be possible to selectively grade it up to fit my current size.How awesome would that be. My height and shoulder width have stayed the same my entire adult life, while my circumference has not... Of course, I am not sure what it says about my personal style that a design that I wore at age fifteen still appeals to me, and still fits in my wardrobe. This style has a bit more figure definition than my current TNT jumpers and pinafores do, but it would likely be another TNT design if I have the chops to do the re-draft...


  1. Hi, Plucky Heroine, I enjoy your blog and your presence on Stitchers Guild. Today you inquired about grading a pattern.

    Threads magazine had a few detailed articles about grading patterns. It involves splitting the patterns at various places, then spreading the pieces apart in small or even tiny increments. Three articles on this subject are as follows:
    Threads #101, pp. 66-70
    Threads # 76, pp 58-63
    Threads # 29, pp 58-63
    If you do not have the Threads DVD or access to old issues, email me privately and I'll try to provide more detailed information. I have every issue since they started publishing and enjoy looking at them all from time to time.

    My email address is

  2. Carol, thank you so much for your information - actually, I have a whole shelf of Threads going back to issue #1, with some gaps here and there. Shall have to look at those articles

    My intention is to do selective grading on my pattern, since A. I have never been and never will be a size 5, and B. my diameter is bigger but my height and shoulders are the same as when I was 15. I need to add between 16 and 19 inches to the total circumference, but will only need to add length in the bust area, as I am rather larger there than I was as a teen. I figure it will be a very interesting exercise to work through, and a chance to put my own spin on grading, since the standard grade up to plus sizes leaves me with all sorts of enlargements to undo.