Sunday, August 26, 2012

back in the workroom

After long absence, our plucky heroine is back in front of the Very Hot Oven... These are (3/4" diameter) samples, color tests for the center of a medallion; it takes far longer to do these than expected, but it is strangely satisfying.

I always forget, when away from the workbenches, how absorbing the work is... (silly girl) Just like drawing from life, or going walkabout with camera in hand, the handicraft is another path to a peaceful heart, at least some of the time... Now mind you, sometimes when the fire divinities are not smiling on me, my heart is far from peaceful, but tonight, this is a way to stop thinking about sadness and focus on beauty instead.

Y'know, when I talk about walking through fire and transformation, that is also what my artwork is all about. The glass goes through it again and again and again, and in time, is transformed to beauty that will last for centuries. I use that image, the walking through fire, when I think about the challenges in my ownlife. While I'll not last that long, mayhap some of the work of my hands will go on, and with luck speak to some unknown future...
≈ : ♥ : ≈

Tearose on silver: flowed in place, partially dried, sgrafittoed into dots... takes longer than you'd expect, 'tis a good thing I am nearsighted.

Fired the first time just to what I call sugar stage - the enamel is vitrified, but the individual grains are still mostly separate, just starting to fuse together. This allows me to flow in a second color of enamel, around the spots.

Tearose spots on a Ruby ground, silver backplate

This was fun. Half opaque Flame, half transparent Ruby. (whoever makes up the color names for enamels must also work for the housepaint manufacturers)

Fired twice, with counterchanged ground (Flame on Ruby, Ruby on Flame), on a silver backplate

I very rarely work on copper, it flakes off all kinds of oxide all over the place, but for playing with reds (and purples) once in a while it is necessary. Tearose spots on copper backplate, then to be given a Ruby ground. I also tried Ruby spots with a Flame ground, also on copper...


  1. At first I thought the first photo was of some sort of fruit pies.Silly me.

    I can't wait to see the next steps.

  2. I agree Rois, they look like gorgeous fruit tarts!!