Tuesday, July 31, 2012

waiting for the electrician, or someone like him

Despite the various traumas that have suffused this year, and July in particular, our plucky heroine is steadily if slowly regaining strength and health, if not a cheerful heart. One sure sign of recovery is a renewed interest in moving forward with various needed refurbishments...

The stove here at Acorn Cottage has had only two functional burners for several years now, and only the two tiny tiny ones at that. Cooking is an every day, several times a day, activity here, and even without much of an appetite, nourishing food still needs to happen. Having a functional large burner means more options for cookware, like the large skillet, or the maslin pan for preserving later in the season...

Fairly recently discovered that the burner receptacle is a replaceable part, and that if not replaced if funky, it will simply short out the (spendy) replacement burner over and over again...(well only once, then I simply pulled the burner and the knob) So, to deal with this in a more appropriate manner, now that further information has been acquired, the first step is to remove everything detachable from the range: all the burners, the oven racks, the contents of the storage drawer, the storage drawer itself..
Once that is done, the actual range is not very heavy at all, and can be walked away from the wall to the middle of the kitchen floor, a good place to deal with the replacement project. Won't see any pictures of the state of the floor under the stove, suffice it to say that there was good reason to break out the mop and bucket before going any further. I am a competent housekeeper, but moving the range to mop is not on the kitchen chores. Usually.

This is not spaghetti. In fact, it is nowhere near as scary as I had initially imagined. Am feeling rather chuffed to have figured out *how* to remove the front panel of the controls, and the access panel from the back.

This is what a VERY BAD receptacle looks like. Not supposed to be big holes burnt through from the inside to the outside! And oh, yeah, both wires are supposed to be attached firmly, not burnt through... just sayin', I mean I am nowhere near an electrical expert, but this just looks wrong!

Taaa daaa! A large burner that turns on and off like anything, and heats up properly. Took a few hours, a trip to Ankeny Hardware for the parts, and gave me a chance to clean under the range, and the side walls as well. Amazing how fixing one thing makes some of the rest of the kit look shabby... Now I want to get some new drip pans for the small burners, they are severly oxidised, and almost corroded through... One task for one day, and our plucky heroine will celebrate by cooking dinner, on the BIG burner. I am MIGHTY!


  1. Yes you are Mighty! I always find that when things seem like chaos if I find one thing,no matter how small,that I can take charge of it helps me center myself.

    You must be very centered after such a challenge.Fixing electrical things scares the holy crap out of me.

  2. "Here you come to save the day..." Your stove is looking excellent from where I sit! Good for you - more burners = more food fun!!

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