Friday, July 13, 2012

two flowers

"To see that your life is a story
while you're in the middle of living it
may be a help to living it well."

~ Ursula LeGuin

Life continues in unrelenting dailiness; beauty is the counterbalance to pain. And if I have learned nothing else, and indeed, our plucky heroine has learned quite a bit more than that over the years, it is that healing comes in time, it's own time to be sure, but it does come, as long as there is breath.

Finished work on the bluerose pinafore panel yesterday. Added transparent grey seed beads stitched on with blue thread as accents to the center of the rose and as "rose thorns" on the stems.

The tomatillo plants, transported with much adventure from my dear friend Mindy in OlyWa to here, and planted in the side yard, are doing well; look they now have flowers! Fingers crossed that there will be homegrown salsa verde. A jalapeno pepper from New Seasons will soon be joining them in the side garden...

because it's True...

dog is on guard
will not sleep


  1. Everything you create, be it words or stiches or fabric is extraordinarily beautiful.

  2. I really like the blue flower design; it reminds me of CR McIntosh roses. Then I read your previous post. Sorry about the 'ouch'. Life can be misery.

  3. Brigid, and elke, thank you!