Monday, July 23, 2012

on the way out

Even though I did not finish my summertime 6PAC, each of the parts that I did complete are so welcome in my closet. Black and chocolate brown will be the basis of my Autumn group. Those colors colors play nicely with my favorite indigo, and I have a chunk of brown denim twill, and a large piece of chocolate brown jersey, (as well as all sorts of black fabrics in different weight and fibers).

Still playing around with exactly what to make...
A pattern taken from my old pair of overalls would be very useful, and could also be used to make another pair of pants as well, which will be useful for any outdoor adventures that might come along. There might be some Resiliency Ranger trips, (a girl can hope), and last year I learned that skirt and ocean waves are not friends...

Might do some more re-fashioning, as my beloved dark brown knit merino/possum fur cardigan is wearing out around the armholes, but is in good condition elsewhere. The possum fur makes it incredibly warm and lightweight, and it gets worn all through the colder weather. If I can find some suitable fabric or another sweater in a similar color, it could be patched, and would keep me warm for a few more years without looking so tatterdemalion...

It would be useful for me to take some time to work on adapting one of my former TNT blouse patterns to fit my current shape; while I am doing what I can to get both healthier and lighter in weight, the pre and post surgery weight gain meant that none of my TNT patterns fit any more. I'd like to get the LaFred blouse pattern to be a little less oversized and a bit more contoured, though that is not the way it was originally designed. A while back I adapted it for my pal little Beth, splitting the back horizontally and adding a curve to the lower half, like a subtle peplum, that might work...

my tentative plan
  • dk brown refashioned merino/possum cardigan
  • chocolate brown denim pants or overalls
  • chocolate brown cotton jersey Teagarden T
  • black cotton knit Alabama Chanin style pinafore
  • black top or blouse or underdress
  • print top or blouse or underdress,
    using some of the Alexander Henry lawn in either the black or the navy colorway

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