Saturday, July 28, 2012

memory and dream

In the classic mode, there were some transfers of STUFF between participants in the garage sale here today. I ended up with this lovely Couroc tray decorated with tourist icons of San Francisco. This makes me all kinds of pleased... I had no large serving tray for guests here at Acorn Cottage; I have many happy memories of that city both as a child and as an adult; and Couroc reminds me of my childhood... I was a child that noticed objects far more than interactions. Humans were baffling, and remained so for decades... our plucky heroine is still working on that. I remember driving across the Golden Gate Bridge, and my little sister wanted the windows open so she could feel the fog... we rode on the cable cars, and climbed up to Coit Tower... I learned to use chopsticks on a family vacation... years later Bill and I rambled round Chinatown eating potstickers and buying pearls and gems... showered in the Tortoise hostel... went on pilgrimage to the Christopher Alexander bench at Fort Mason... there are more memories than words to write them with, a whole lot of resonance for one simple object to call up.
Have been thinking about possible workshops to teach this autumn and winter, in addition to enameling. A number of ideas have surfaced... since in addition to the tray, I traded for several sheets of carving rubber, suitable for stamping on paper or cloth, I was thinking that a workshop on carving custom stamps would be an idea - can be used for papercraft or for fabric decoration. Cutting stencils for fabric printing is another option.... Some other ideas are related to sewing tools, like making pincushions in vintage crockery, or hand-stitched needle books and scissors sheaths; Holiday ornaments of various kinds - whimsical decoupage from childrens books, layered felt and fabric, and ribbon and cloth flowers. All of these could be done as brooches or as hanging ornaments for the home. Yet another idea is simple embroidery skills, which could be followed by a how-to turn your embroidery, or vintage embroidery, into a brooch. So that is eight different ideas already, a good head start on next months goals, which are mostly about teaching. Anyone interested in any of this, or on the other hand have something you wish to learn that I know how to do??

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