Sunday, July 15, 2012

it has affected my appetite

very grateful for any small blessings - Today daylight rising to a soft grey morning, rain like the touch of a gentle hand... for Girl who hides from the relentless summer sun and heat, this is a very welcome gift, as is the kindhearted company of my friends...

Looking westward on a soft July evening, and glad to share what beauty my eyes find...

Our plucky heroine is very grateful to Silverdale Karen for the gift of conviviality. In great sorrow, the body does not really want food, being denied the true nourishment desired. It was possible, though to eat at least some of this incredible scallop and grilled asparagus meal on Friday at Wilfs Restaurant. It is hard to tell from the picture, but those scallops were over an inch and a half in diameter and perfectly cooked. It was heartsease to sit with some of my dear friends and hear the tales of their adventurous week, and to have the lovely sounds of the most melodious live jazz as the sound track.


On Saturday, Nicole and I went out berrypicking, south of the city near Canby. Came home with eight pounds of blueberries, destined for the freezer; (though Barret has spoken words about blueberry pie) as well as a pound of mixed gooseberries and a pound of blackcurrant. Those are both intended to become either jam or syrup, to save a bit of the summer for the heart of next winter, when that taste of sunwarmth will be welcome.


I have been truly enjoying the needlework techniques put forth in the books by Natalie Chanin. This video shows a bit more about the where and why and who, and is a treat to watch:


...wandered round the Great Big Antique Show this afternoon with Stacy and Barret; these two tiny things followed me home. The black sheep cup is destined to become the base of a pincushion, and the watchface will be one component in a steampunk style pendant. (Not sure the seller realised that the $2 watchface was actually silver with some really sweet hand engraving). Am thinking about teaching a workshop on making pincushions from vintage china and felt and fabric... it is a lot of fun. I made some last winter from egg cups, with tiny trees (inspired by Mimi Kirchner and Jennifer Murphy)... stay tuned for future broadcasts

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