Sunday, July 29, 2012

held together by habit

i have not forgotten you.
i have not stopped loving you,
or remembering that i love you.
if i never touch you again,
i will always be touching your absence.
did you think i had forgotten that?

~ Karen Lindsey
(excerpt from "straight poem", Falling Off The Roof, 1975)

This life we live is a dance between, between love and fear, between joy and sorrow, between habit and spontaneity. Clever plucky heroine has for a number of years made active choice of certain habits, after taking many decades to learn that choice was even possible... To choose to see the good, the bright sparkle of the common world, while remaining cognizant of all that is counterweight to that. To choose responsibility, to choose clarity and straightforward words. To choose action in congruence with my deep beliefs. Times are when this is as easy as breath, the breath that in some languages is the same word as spirit. And other times 'tis only the steady harness of habit that allows forward motion at all. Take thought and care what habits share your life, for when all else fails, they will be your boon companions, strong draft horses that pull into an unknown future when your own strength fails...


  1. Amen to that.

    You have strength, you have beauty and wisdom. Don't ever let life's curveballs keep you from expressing that.

  2. Thank you Brigid! as they say in the 'verse: "Can't stop the signal"