Monday, July 30, 2012

a trip to the Zoo

Since there was a bit of ready dosh from the yard sale this weekend, when invited on an unexpected trip to the Zoo, our plucky heroine said "sure!" ... The red and blue line MAX both stop at Washington Park, the underground station that also serves the Zoo and incidentally is the deepest public transit station in the USA.

There is interesting artwork all over the station, including this diagram on the outbound side wall

The gates to the Zoo entrance are beautifully sculptured with all kinds of wildlife...

...some of which you can see inside the Zoo!

Caracal cat is watching you...

...and also waiting for treats.

Watching this cat move was a real joy, and the enclosure is large enough for leaping, running, hiding and climbing.

The ocelots were playing with a large tub of water, that had tiny tiny little fish. I didn't manage to catch a picture of the one in the tub, but this one was waiting a turn to catch some snacks...

Gerenuk gazelle rests in the sunshine,

Zebra rests in the shade under a tree. When you go to the Zoo in the middle of a warm summer day, a lot of the animals are resting or sleeping

Visiting the Zoo with friends and four children,
we managed to see many of the classic zoo animals.

Bear mother carved stone sculpture, momentararily not being climbed on by children.

Portrait of a fruit bat.

Fruit bats doing their fruit eating thing; mmmm tasty melon bits!

Fruit bats and tanuki have something in common...

Hippo looks as ungainly on land as bats do,
but in water moves as freely as they do in the air

Mountain goat resting in the afternoon...

All too soon it was time to head back home. Definitely got my exercise today, a whole lot of walking up and down hill. A most unexpected trip proved a great distraction; cannot focus on feeling sad when there is so much of interest to observe. Fibonacci spiral, wall image on the inbound side of the station wall was the last bit of artwork seen before we headed back into the city and there split up for our respective quadrants.

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